Why Windiam
Our mission is to “Use our responsible sourcing practices, manufacturing skills and niche expertise to build strong client relationships and help them achieve their full business potential.”

Buying and Selling Diamonds in a Changing World
Through the heritage of a 3rd generation diamond service company, Windiam has built a trusted, world-class reputation in just 25 years.

We source and deliver an extensive selection of polished diamonds both to the world’s leading brands and jewellery chains, as well as smaller boutique shops. Leveraging our intergenerational expertise to turn rough into polished in an efficient, cost-effective manner allows us to offer large, high-quality stones at competitive prices.

With a global network of local experts in all the major diamond markets, our Sightholder status means we can buy rough diamonds in bulk from the world’s largest artisanal mines.

Our personal and professional approach currently benefits 1200 loyal clients; from independent jewellers to leading watch and jewellery manufacturers, they trust in us.

Infused with a youthful energy, we stay hungry for our clients. We’re motivated to succeed and don’t take your business for granted. Our service comes from the fusion of this energy and true grit. We’ll scour the world to find the exact stone you need. And we never give up.

Strength in Diversity
We are a cultural mosaic of professionals from around the globe. This diversity allows us to speak the language of our clients and understand your needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to do business the way that works best for you. Moreover, it results in a stream of new ideas we use to improve our services. Experimenting with new ways to source and deliver diamonds, keeps us sharp, focused and on top of the game.

Strong Capital & Bank Support
Our solid financial structure means you can do business with us in an atmosphere of absolute trust and integrity. We have support from the biggest banks in Belgium and strong capital reserves. Our ability to remain independent and flexible in a constantly changing market is key to our success.
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Our Commitment
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We all have a collective responsibility to the world. There can be no sustainable development without unity and justice. These values are ingrained within the Windiam team and explain why we’re committed to:

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)
We are fully compliant with the organisation that has eliminated the financing of weapons purchased with diamond mining revenues. It now focuses on combating all human rights abuse issues within the diamond mining countries. See more

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
The RJC believes that every company in the jewellery industry has a duty to behave in a responsible and safe manner by implementing the Code of Practices (COP) certification.
Windiam N.V. is proud to have achieved this certification through an independent third-party audit which assessed our business practices against the highest ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards set by the RJC.
Click here for our RJC Statement of Principles
Click here for our Human Rights Due Diligence Reporting
Click here for our Supply Chain Policy
Click here for our Supply Chain Due Diligence Reporting
Click here for our RJC Management Review Meeting
See more on the website of Responsible Jewellery Council

If you would like to know more about our RJC sustainability programme, the various policies against which our company has been independently audited and our yearly updated RJC Report, please send us an email at compliance@windiam.net for more information.

Art in All of Us (AiA)
This non-profit organisation based in Belgium and New York works in collaboration with UNICEF. See more

Action in Focus
Action in Focus Is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the mission of serving the needy in Kenya. See more

The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
We contribute regular payments to this upstanding organisation working to improve conditions in the artisanal diamond mining sector. See more

Please feel free to share your complaint or grievance at: compliance@windiam.net



We’re a fast-growing diamond wholesale service company dedicated to taking it to the next level for our global clients. Can you exceed our expectations? If so, what are you waiting for? Send your CV/resume and cover letter to info@windiam.net today.

With 23 offices worldwide, we foster cultural diversity from all four corners. As our employee – your new family is filled with energy, a love of change and challenges in the world of fine diamonds. We work hard and play hard; taking pride in thinking outside the box to get things done.

As you read this, our company is evolving. We expect leadership and a desire for responsibility from you on day one. If you can prove yourself, you’ll fast track your career at a lightning pace. We call ourselves ‘intrapreneurs’ (internal entrepreneurs) with one goal; do more with less.

Our Antwerp-based headquarters needs a candidate aspiring to gain comprehensive marketing experience, to assist our expansion throughout Europe. The work is challenging, within an international environment, for a fast-paced marketing team. The trainee program focus will be online marketing, PR and event management. Apply here