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Jewellery services
Jewellery services

Jewellery Services

Grow Your Profits
When you buy with Windiam, you’re buying more than just the perfect stone. Whether you buy one or 100 diamonds, you’re buying into our family of services. These services give you access to a partnership of profitability. Our Windiam World network, for example, includes consummate Italian manufacturers who can offer your customers exclusive jewellery.

Why is it exclusive? Because you can help design it.

Access to this level of expertise at competitive rates can be challenging to find these days. Our clients were getting frustrated at the lack of quality, minimum order quantities and unfavourable import duties. Because Windiam is a complete 360 degree service company, we took this challenge on and scoured the marketplace for a solution: Italy.

Made in Italy
Why choose Italy? Because the creative talent in this region is legendary. Its heritage of craftsmanship is passed from generation to generation just like Windiam. These are skills that only a label “Made in Italy” can deliver. A label that symbolises explosive energy and distinctive charm.

Windiam’s access to these skills is cost effective too. Typically, this type of quality attracts a premium throughout most Western European countries. But with our Italian connection, we can deliver this high-quality craftsmanship, while saving you up to 50% on the production cost.

From a stunning range of beautiful bracelets to custom handmade rings – anything is possible. What would an exclusive jewellery collection created by you for your customer do for your profits?

Just imagine.

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Diamonds as an investment
Diamonds as an investment

Diamonds as an Investment

Diamond investment potential has grown significantly in recent years. Unique stones, in particular, have set new world records when sold at auctions.

But what factors should you consider? What is it really all about? Where do I buy? How can I sell? When do I sell? Can I trust this dealer vs. that dealer? These are all common questions any investor would ask.

That’s where we come in. To help you invest in the rarest diamonds. Our clients own what they invest in. We facilitate the entire operation; from selection, to the storage and eventual exit. Our strategy is to combine long products with a great track record together with shorter products which are rising stars. We usually deliver returns of around 10% annually.

In the current economy, investors are increasingly moving their capital into alternative assets helping them to diversify their portfolio. Rare diamonds are just such a tangible asset that add clear value away from the traditional financial markets.

As with any collectable, one of the most important criteria for our selection is the rarity which ensures a low offer for a high demand. Our suggestions: large, rare white & natural fancy colour diamonds.
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